Wedding Day Coordination​



From booking to grand exit! 

We've got your back. We know the stressors of rushing to get your rentals and personal items set up!

We understand that you have your whole wedding in your head and need someone to who knows weddings, someone you can trust to execute this vision for you. 

We will make sure that everything moves along in a timely fashion, that all the order of events take place and are set up as needed. And we are coaching and queuing you throughout the day. We will make sure you get to focus on your guests and your forever human all day long! 

If you are getting married in a church you need a bestie at the venue making sure everything is running smoothly.

If you are getting ready you need someone to receive your vendors and make sure everyone knows where to go and what to do!


If you are celebrating at a private residence doesn't mean you have to go it alone! You want family to enjoy the day as well not work the event.

You want your memories to be about your guests, bridal party and especially your new life partner not a broken vase or any other mishap. We are there for you to make sure your special milestone turns in to perfect memories!

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If you want Pretty + Posh results! 

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✔  Ceremony + Reception Management

✔ Coaching + Queuing bridal party and couple through-out the day.

✔ Site Visits after booking

✔ Extensive Details + Timeline Meeting

✔ More than just the month or day of!


✔ Thorough

✔Pretty + Posh Weddings

✔Ceremony to Reception décor transfers

✔ Bridal Party + Vendor + Timeline Management

✔ Full day onsite logistics management


✔ Set-up