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Wedding Rings, Pretty Things Pt. 2/5

Welcome back! Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July last week. I didn't plan on taking extra days off but here we are Monday night! Talking about fireworks I can't help but think about Sam & Chris' first dance...but that's neither here or there right now!

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We have to finish where we left off and that was about 20 minutes before ceremony start time.

Ok so I am a little biased as to the PEAK of a wedding. For ME as a planner tensions and emotions run the highest starting at this moment. All 30 minutes from when I notify everyone to start getting ready for ceremony.

I like to run around and let everyone know the countdown has begun. While the bridesmaids, bride and MOB begin to gather themselves makeup & hair is packing up to head out.

The guys usually take a few last drinks, tighten bow ties, throw jackets on....and the nerves begin to set in....the bonding has been fun but now all the main characters begin to step in to their duties. The vendors as well, all setup is done by now and everyone is looking good.

FOG makes sure his son is calm. Best man checks his boys' jacket and helps him get it on. Then BM ensures he has the rings...both of them. This is about the time I start seeing the groom become flustered....nervous...asking a lot of questions. And interestingly enough when the guys see him nervous they all begin to get nervous as well and the onslaught of questions begin....lol..."can I leave this here", "do I need my speech now", "can I come back after ceremony to get this". its simply heartwarming to see the men so....lost lol...

The ladies, though outwardly composed I still get that look from my bride doe eyed, a little teary eyed, a little wide eyed....the girls are harder to read at this moment. They are focused and most concerned about everything going right....the boys more so about them doing what they need to do right. It is an amazing dynamic only I get to experience with them.

I leave my couples and their tribes to check in one last time with vendorS. I make sure all the songs are correct. Lapels go on and officiant is ready. Photo gets notified.....usually they know whats going on as much as I do...if not more...we are now ten minutes out.

As we move closer to start time, I move everyone into position. Funny cause I give them 10 minutes of wait time and there is always something they still need to do lol...there will always be someone who forgot something, needs something or runs off for a last minute drink or potty! lol...

So, At 10 minutes out I ask DJ for a final "we are about to start please have a seat" announcement guests begin flood into their seats.

We are getting closer and this is where I begin to get tense...but not in a bad way. You see at times I have a few hundred guest waiting...and they hate sitting in the sun. I have about 3-6 vendors waiting on my cue. I have bridal parties watching me and waiting on me....I have to get this moment PERFECT. And I only have ONE shot to do that. UNLESS the bride or groom say otherwise we try our darn-est to start ON TIME!

So now announcements have been made, bridal parties are all in place and we are 5 minutes out. I ask the bride...one last time "strict 4:30pm start time?" she responds YES! And I couldn't be happier. I put her and dad in position. I reassure her that everyone is ready, I usher mom to her escort. And I wait outside the door where my bride nervously awaits my cue and privately whispers with her daddy.

DJ, Photo,Assistant coordinator, video, officiant....all check in via walkie talkie....t-minus 3 minutes and everyone has checked in one last time.

Everything goes quiet for a split second, I cue the DJ GO! He hits play, Swept me away plays in the short distance. Avett Bros have no idea that this song is forever seared into my memory The soundtrack to my couples special day becomes the latest Playlist on my Spotify

Finally, I cue officiant, then the mommas, go go go! There is a short break before I send the first of the BP. 45 seconds in to my new favorite song I send off the groomsmen, then the bridesmaids and so on...until I get to MOH & BM.

And now we open the doors for my bride. I let DJ know she's ready and to change songs as soon as the kids (FG & RG) get to the front. The Kiddos go and I wait and watch! They make it to their seats and DJ chimes in via radio that music has been changed Josh Garrels' Ulysses begins to play. I say to my bride "ready?", she responds "yes" and I cue them to go. Chris finally gets a glimpse of his soon to be wife.

I send father & bride on their way just as we practiced. I run off to the aisle entrance where I will meet her to fix her train and veil. I have to hold back tears cause yes I am a sap. I cry at all my weddings STILL.

So this is the moment! She gets to the aisle she takes a deep breath and walks towards her hubby.

I watch her walk down the aisle and I can breathe for a quick minute! While the vows are in progress I head over to reception site. We begin to light candles, start setting up the "take a shot, take a seat" and check in with appetizers and bar. Bar is about to be swamped with thirsty guests but they are so up for the challenge

Just as we are wrapping up DJ Sal (Bliss Events Group) plays the recessional song: Gorgon City & Jennifer Hudson's Go all night! I run over to meet The Ritter's and quickly usher them to meet their photog Jefferey San Juan for their formals. The joy in the air is palpable

From here they go to formals and guests flood into cocktail hour space for appetizers. We hold down the fort and keep folks out of reception area.

This family stole my whole heart! They appreciated me, they appreciated my staff/family, they helped us day of, they trusted me. They are truly dream clients and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity but most of all the trust they had in my team and I! THANK YOU!

This bridal party was so willing and cooperative and so fun!

And my beautiful sweet couple! Chris and Sam Ritter! That sounds nice! The couple sets the tone for their event. They went into this hiring the best, trusted their vendors, they were very calm, collected and cooperative. Making every meeting, providing all the info we needed! I knew their event would be perfect because they wanted it to be. They didn't complicate the process. Thank you Ritter's for having trust in your vendors and letting us work your special day flawlessly!

In the mean time catering is nearly ready for dinner service. Bar transfers half the team to reception bar area and we start pouring the liquor for take a shot!

And this is where I leave you tonight! I almost quit a few times lol...I am back to work and I am swamped and blogging is actually harder than I anticipated. But I promise the next 3 parts are so fun! We will be back next week with a two part reception recap! Why 2 cause it was that good! lol...From the DJ, to intros, to surprise flash mob to sparkler exit ALL GOOD! And part 5 is the gallery! So stay with us!

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