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Wedding Rings, Pretty Things, Commas & Apostrophes Pt. 1 of 5

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

When I thought about writing my first blog I just about had my 9,348th mini heart attack! I thought long and hard about what exactly I would even write about...not to mention your girl's (ME) grammar and spelling is a real issue lol!

If you follow me on IG or FB you already know this and if you did not know this you have been warned! If you are a member of the grammar police this may not be the place for you to have a peaceful read. You will only want to reach right through your screen and wish to slap me with an elementary level grammar workbook. If you happen to be cool with it WELCOME!

Eventually, once the anxiety wore off I found something to write about! Yes, it should have been an easy discovery. But when you suffer from second-guessing yourself syndrome it is not as apparent. Hello, My name is Dee and I am a wedding coordinator/planner and I suffer from anxiety AND an endless LOVE for wedding rings and pretty things!

Before I dive into the nitty gritty purpose of this "docu-blog" (wait a minute did I just coin that term?) I want to give a HUGE shout out the incredibly talented Mr. Jeffery San Juan. The stunning pro images I am going to share here can all be credited back to an extraordinary wedding we had the opportunity to work together. To be completely honest it was BY FAR the littest wedding to date! Do people still use the term "litty" lol....IDK but it was! Let's just say I ended up on the dance floor a few times. It was an amazing night and it was all thanks to an uber talented group of vendors, a great couple with the right energy and having a behind the scenes bestie like moi! Yes me! A "Day Of Coordinator"

Allow me to explain! When you got engaged....or decided to have a wedding soon after you realized that there is a shit ton....(oh yea I like to cuss from time to time) of work that needs to be done!

So how does a DOC (Day Of Coordinator) benefit DIY brides! Well, after all the planning you have done leading up to your wedding I'm pretty certain you have damn near driven yourself to a mini anxiety attack and racked up an extensive to do list. HOWEVER, you don't want your lovely friends, family, guests or bridal party to have to sweat off their makeup & hair or hassle with the details that need to be tended to. That's where we come in. We are Pretty + Posh and we want to walk you through one of our weddings. Here is the wedding BTS story of Sam & Chris

You see I met Sam at the Premier Bride Showplace. By this time she had already made many important vendor selections. That's right, venue, photo, dress, and a few more I'm sure. Come to find out she booked Bliss Events Group that same day...It would be my first time working with DJ Sal Cortez...and let me tell you what a treat that was...but that's for a little later in the story.

So, first thing is first we had to get familiar with venue, layout, staff & policies. Sammie & Chris had the fabulous opportunity to be the first couple so say their "I do's" in a picturesque private estate in Paso Robles, CA.

Still here? I promise the gallery will not disappoint. Anyhow, after the site visit it goes as follows. Details & Timeline meeting, Vendor contacts, Timeline Creation, Rehearsal, and of course The Day Of. So lets jump right into it, Day OF! :)

Upon arrival we get a good lay of the land. Blank tables, no guests....it is my canvas!

So we get right to work, executing the styling, setup and logistics plan for the day. As we get to work vendors begin to arrive. We have florals from Botanique who came up from Fresno, then DJ Sal also a Valley vendor and Jeffery San Juan, Central Coast Tacos catering, Copper & Crystal for bar service. So many great selections. We will list everyone below.

As we work through the day and vendors begin to arrive we greet them and ensure they have everything they need. I am the point of contact for vendors that day. The idea is to professionally and discreetly problem solve and keep any issues from the bride, bridal party and families. They deserve to enjoy relax and bond prior to the festivities. I take the brides place for the day. I make sure all the magic happens as near perfect as possible. With so many moving parts anything can happen but it's our job is to ensure the event doesn't skip a beat and gives the appearance of seamless perfection.

Before I continue, thank you for sticking around. By this point I struggled with keeping on with the post. Trying to English this much in one sitting was a bit overwhelming lol. I went back to research the average length of a blog post and to my surprise I learned I had seriously over done it. Apparently the most blogs turn in to galleries...which is cool if you are a photographer. I said to myself,"Self, your audience is not just any bride. Your audience is brides who are wanting to learn about what a day of looks like. They are thorough and smart and most of them are bridechillas that are ok with the grammar and don't mind a longer than 1500 characters = 3 minute read." So lets continue.

While my team and I continue to set down all the dinnerware vendors continue to arrive through out the day. I get to focus on making sure all the rentals from Touch of Elegance arrive unharmed from Sanger. We set out the details exactly as we discussed. And bring to life all the hard work our beautiful couple and their families have put in.

After nearly 3/4 hrs of heavy setup. We have to get ready for ceremony. Up to this point I have periodically checked in with vendors, bride & groom, families, bridal party and made sure everything was moving along. Photographer was busy taking details shots

While makeup & hair was wrapping up second shooter was knocking out getting ready shots. A lot special moments occur during getting ready phase. This part takes up most of the morning. Be sure to be present, take it all in cause before you know it the day flies by.

And now its time to get the dress on and head out for first look with dad, first touch with her soon to be husband, and knock out a few pre-ceremony photos.

The excitement is building as bridal parties go out for pre-ceremony photos. The atmosphere is thick with love and emotions. Each event drawing us closer to ceremony, each memory vividly burning itself permanently in to the story book of your new life together.

And this is where I leave you my friends. Next week we follow up with the ceremony & cocktail hr. in Pt 2 of 5. So much I could show and share but its so hard to cram it all in. IF you want to see the full BTS recap head over to IG @pretty_and _posh_weddings this wedding is in the highlights.

I wanna hear what you have to say drop a heart, like or share to help a girl out. Feedback would be just fabulous.

Thank you so much for a making it this far! You are the real MVP. See you next monday! with Pt. 2.


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