Elevating the wedding day experience for couples and their guest

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Welcome to Pretty + Posh Weddings

As The Central Valley's premier wedding day coordinators our primary goal is to elevate the wedding experience for our couples and their guests.  

I am certain you have been to a wedding and you have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for events to pass, making the guest experience long winded. Or perhaps you have been in the wedding party confused and seeking direction.  Or maybe you were the lucky person stuck with getting everything setup before the event. Perhaps you seen the bride setting her own event up in her makeup and robe and you just don't want to be that bride. You shouldn't be stressing about setup you should be be pre-gaming with your girls. You know...the way the guys do? 

Well if you were looking for a sign THIS IS IT!

You are here for a reason! 'Cause you are a savvy bride!

And we are YOUR wedding day bestie! And yes you need one!

That's right we are there with you making sure everything you planned thus far goes off as seamlessly as possible.

We all know weddings are not perfect. But we are there to make sure it seems that way! By treating your wedding like our own, we take every detail to heart! We coordinate with all your vendors as they arrive, we assist with setup, we manage your timeline, cue and coach you, your family and the wedding party throughout out the day!

While you are busy making memories, we are problem solving for you. When you are saying I do, we are lighting candles; so you don't have to. Our lengthy experience helps us help you by thinking fast on our feet and anticipating what could go wrong and problem solving. This is something that only comes with time. And experience is invaluable for one of the most important days of your life! Do not leave it to chance....leave it to us!

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