Welcome to Pretty + Posh Weddings

As The Central Valley's premier wedding day coordinators our primary goal is to elevate the wedding day experience for our couples and their guests.

Whether it is your traditional grand vision for a full scale wedding, opting for a micro wedding, minimony or elopement, we can help you navigate these unprecedented times, because you simply do not have to do it alone! 

Our extensive experience in wedding coordinating and venue management during the events in 2020 has given us a wealth of knowledge that we use to help our clients make the right decisions and implement protocols to help their event be safe and fun! 

Let us level with you, you see events always take on a life of their own with so many moving parts, events, and vendors you need someone who can anticipate anything that comes up and is able to think fast and on their feet. You can only get that from trained pros who live and breathe events.


That's right leaving such responsibilities to maids of honor, family or friends who are supposed to be guest is just not the business. 


Let's setup your FREE no obligation phone consultation to go over your biggest stressors and worries so that we can get you started on enjoying the process! 

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